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A Reason For Evolution

Why I still believe in a God

Perfection, believe it or not, does have its down falls. This would make God imperfect in one way, unless the perfect solution for the imperfection of perfection was found. The down fall of perfection will soon be revealed as we proceed.

I will take two different examples of the same problem and try to explain the imperfection of perfection.

I can program my computer to say I love you every time I turn it on. Further, I can program my computer to say “praise Sherman” every time I write something. I can also program the computer to say “Glory to Sherman in the Highest” every time I use the internet. So what? Even if I programmed my computer with emotions like those faces with expressions or hearts beating what would it really mean?

God could create us loving Him with perfect love, praising him and saying Glory to God in the highest. So what? What does it mean if you create it that way?

It was jokingly mentioned to me a while back that maybe I really wanted an obedient wife. Let us consider this obedience to be perfect, with no back talk, nor any delay in response. Some men might like this thought, but I find it to be very offensive to me! I want zero obedience in a wife! I want real! How do I know if she is doing something because she loves me or just obeying me? How do I know if she is really pleased with me or just respecting me out of obedience? How do I know that she actually loves me or if she is just obeying me?

See what I mean? Perfection has its downfall! The trick is to find the perfect way to get around the imperfections.

Evolution is the perfect way to get around these imperfections! Start with nothing and leave it alone while it naturally selects for higher forms of life. Eventually, with enough time, a life form will evolve the capacity to love, evolved from sex, and cemented into emotion. True, this love will not be perfect! This love however, will be genuine, not created perfectly flawed with imperfection, but perfectly genuine.

The question being: would you rather have perfect artificial love, or genuine imperfect love?

I would rather have a quiet computer than listen to words without meaning. I would rather have a relationship with a wife who loves me and gives freely of that love to me without the need of anyone obeying anyone. I’d love her deeply and share my life with her, giving freely and taking liberally so she could be free to have her life too. It would mean all the more when she came to me for the purpose of loving me and sharing her life with me.

It is true that man has also evolved his belief in the gods and it would be inevitable to happen. At some point, someone would narrow it down into one God, and this perfect genuine evolved love would be given to him. The perfecting solution for the imperfection of perfection.

This in no way proves that God does exist! It is impossible to prove or disprove the existence of God! At least I found a philosophy to support my belief in both a Deity and evolution, thus reconciling faith and reason in my own mind.

This has no effect on me when I do my science!

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