On Reason

Science in the Latin language means knowledge. To say science in Latin is to say knowledge in English. It delivered us with a convenient expression of thought. Consciousness!

Daimon or daemon are Greek words which have delivered to us the word demon. Demon in the “Greek” then, means knowledge.

Interestingly enough, the word demon has become polluted with negative connotations. To have demons in one’s mind no longer means to be having thoughts, thinking about something, or making sense of the world. Possessed by demons or demonic possession are now common place extractions of Pseudo-Ideas floating around in everyone’s minds. Your brain has problems with thinking and/or has lost control of your bodily functions. There are not really any demons or devils living it there!

To seek knowledge, is to do science. To make up an English word would give us something like Knowiousness. Consciousness is not user friendly to the brain! The brains knowledge state differs enough to make learning truth difficult and has less to do with faith then reason. The brain is set on ignore in most cases. If the Earth stopped rotating, not only would you fall flat on your face, but the Atlantic Ocean would change places with the Pacific Ocean. You would not survive. Since this is true, why would you even have to know this? That is a bigger problem than faith.

Pseudoscience is a result of Pseudo-ideas! Faith only harbors these bad ideas until better ideas come along. Being closed in faith prevents exposure of bad ideas. An example of this would be a miracle. Magi, magic and miracle stem from the same root word source: unexplained! If you don’t know how something works, then it is magic! Why can’t you just say “I don’t know (yet)” and move on?

Consciousness is a huge problem because questioning was the last faculty to evolve in man: conscious questioning! Conscious questioning? Yes, the ability to intentionally direct questions to answer conflicting truths. This is true science! To seek truth! To prove the merits of good ideas and to debunk the fallacious thinking within the bad ideas. To bare all facts and parade them naked for all to see.

The universe is huge and huge equals old! Why would God create an old universe and call it young? Natural selection works and works very well. Why would evolution have to be designed when it works just fine without design?

I believe in a deity! When you are doing science, do science and not religion. Keep religion for your faith building not your knowledge building.

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