Sherman P. Bastarache

Getting To Know Me

Curiosity is the spice of life!

I am an Award-Winning Canadian author who currently lives in Riverview, New Brunswick. I have lived here all my life and enjoy the quiet of the Maritimes. I have lived through the teen years of my two wonderful daughters—which explains my lack of hair—and witnessed seeing them growing into their own. A better vision is hard to come by! Do you think my hair will grow back now?

My greatest joy in life has become my new and only—so far—granddaughter. As we played for hours, she reminded me of just how smart humans are even at the early ages measured in days and months. I think there was no greater pleasure in life than to have my granddaughter fall asleep while in my arms. It reminded me of when my own children were babies. She has grown much!

My latest book, An Erotic Phenotype, delves into the origins and nature of romantic love. It questions how humans diverged from animalistic instincts for mating into our renowned romanticized ideal of soulmates. The book covers the biological makeup of sexual species and the major part knowledge of reproduction played in shaping human nature. It covers the topic of how humans became mindful of love.

An Erotic Phenotype is an Award-Winning book for the month of October 2022, for Literary Titan Book Awards.

My second book, Moral Indignation, was late coming. I was ready to have it edited back in February 2014 and published by the end of that year but got derailed by other events. The book is on the topic of embryonic stem cells, with all the moral issues therein. Is it too late to publish such a work? Maybe, but my conviction on the topic will not allow me to leave it unpublished.

Moral Indignation covers such topics as: knowledge for the sake of knowledge, playing God, having a “Faithful Phenotype”, the soul in actuality and the impartment of that soul, as well as abortion issues and women’s rights to name a few.

My great love in life is reading. I used to tell my daughters that there is nothing you cannot learn, once you learn to read. There is a book on just about every topic imaginable to learn from. However, this is not entirely true! There is no such book that actually explains how humans have acquired the ability to speak. After years of meditation, making observations, having my daughters teach me how to learn, and research, I finally decided to write a book on the topic of language.

My first book considers a new way of solving one of hardest issue over how it came to pass that man acquired the capacity of articulation in digital form—the form of language we speak in today. I share some of my life’s observations on this topic in my book Tilogos: A Treatise on the Origins and Evolution of Language in vivid form.

Archimedes sat in his bath trying to solve a problem. As he sank deeper into the bath he “noticed” that the water level rose as he sank. The volume of irregular objects was thus solved. Many of the greatest discoveries were completely by accident and I fully admit to having stumbled upon a means of producing digital articulated language. I have no doubt that this answer is on the right track as it fits so well with what is known to be true of language. Time and again, I have read and heard that the greatest truths were the simplest answers.

Finally, I believe in both a deity and natural selection. The mind is huge and the heart bigger still: if there is not enough room in them for everything, then there is not enough room in them for anything.

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