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My new book: Moral Indignation, will be released in 2018.

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Tilogos: A Treatise on the Origins and Evolution of Language. It is the first and only book that postulates a fully developed theory on the evolution of language. Tilogos answers the question of how humans became endowed with our current form of speech, derived from our former mode of communication, namely our calls, cries, and other sounds. In this respect it is an original work of historical importance.

Platos Dichotomy

Authors blog: Socrates. Well, we were saying—were we not?—that when a thing has parts, the whole or sum will be the same thing as all the parts? Theaetetus. Certainly. Socrates. To go back then, to the point I was trying to make just now; if the syllable is not the same thing as the letters, does it not follow that it cannot have the letters as parts of itself; otherwise, being the same thing as the letters, it would be neither more nor less knowable than they are? Theaetetus. Yes. Socrates. And it was to avoid that consequence that we supposed the syllable to be different from the letters.

Moral Indignation

New book soon to be released (2018)

Welcome! The purpose of this website is not only that readers and fans can view the book and have links for purchase, but a place for my readers to give input and their thoughts on the topic of my book. It is also a place where friends and family can track progress.

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