An Erotic Phenotype

Reviewed by Foluso Falaye for Readers’ Favorite

Though it’s a subject that gets a lot of bad publicity, almost
everyone is alive today because two people, at one point, engaged
in a sexual act. In An Erotic Phenotype, Sherman P. Bastarache
looks into this important part of what keeps the human world going
by examining several new discoveries about sex, humanity, and
reality across different ages. Why does the penis require the power
of orgasm, but not the clitoris? What contribution to reproductive
success does female orgasm make? How can electrochemical
impulses cause an intense desire to consume something visually
stimulating, which we call beauty? These questions and more are
analyzed throughout the book, along with different subjects as
diverse as humans and sexuality, quantum mechanics,
consciousness, pansexuality, beauty, discrimination, forced sex,
and more.
My mind was blown! An Erotic Phenotype contains some highly
intelligent, interesting, and elaborate insights about sex and
humans. The valuable references and book recommendations are
perfect for readers who wish to read more about the various ideas
discussed in the book. Since it’s a book that engages your mind and
reasoning faculties, prepare to question what you know and
discover several new ideas about sex and related phenomena. I
recommend this book to all adults as it is a profound and essential
source of information about sex and several other relevant
subjects. I never thought a book about sex would contain messages
directed toward making the world a better and more tolerant place,
but this gave me a pleasant surprise. A great job, Sherman P.