An Erotic Phenotype

Reviewed by Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

Beginning with a somewhat interesting take on female orgasm, An
Erotic Phenotype by Sherman P. Bastarache quickly establishes the
idea that it is a scientific discourse about the sexual differences
between men and women. Sex is, undoubtedly, a biological
imperative and nature has designed it to feel good to ensure that
we engage in it for the continuation of our species. The author
makes a well-reasoned presentation by examining both the male
and female anatomies from the perspective of natural selection,
writing from a neutral position. From his exploration of the female
orgasm, he moves on to a discussion of understanding what
feelings mean by attempting to answer what it is like to feel,
experience emotion, and exist as a being. He defines pansexuality
as sexual interaction with all sexes rather than sexual attraction to
all sexes. He asserts that it is important to first establish sexual
Sherman P. Bastarache provides citations and references for further
reading. His explanations of the biological differences between the
sexes when it comes to procreation focus on the scientific view.
Bastarache cites sexologists when he meticulously explains the
nature of orgasm and ejaculation and how the latter is necessary
for the reproductive success of every species. He supports his
arguments with research from reputable sources that lend
credibility to them, and this is also how he sustains his fascinating
explanation about how females achieve arousal. Bastarache
dissects the brain and the part it plays in the mind and body
connection. His notions in An Erotic Phenotype are sure to spark
discussion, especially among those who seek answers to the
marvels of the human anatomy as a complex product of natural