An Erotic Phenotype

Self-Publishing Review (SPR)

Author Sherman P. Bastarache presents a masterful new thesis on sexuality, eroticism, human anatomy, and emotional exploration in An Erotic Phenotype.

With each chapter probing deeper into the body, mind, and societal structures that define sexuality and pleasure, the average reader will be wide-eyed by how much they learn about their own erotic potential. Even for those who consider themselves well-versed in the intimate aspects of their reproductive systems, this book will surely shed fresh light, given its comprehensive overview. From quantum physics and multiple orgasms to “Gray’s Anatomy” and bisexuality, this far-ranging read is enlightening in numerous ways.

Not only does Bastarache examine the anatomical aspects of sex, but also the emotional boundaries of sexuality. Each subject is covered with nuance and obvious passion, viable references for support, and a fearless will to clarify, rather than speculate. The technical language can occasionally veer into a sexless monotone, and the casual nature shown in other examples of narration, i.e. exclamations, interruptions of a thought process, or breaking the fourth wall entirely, can make the author feel more accessible, but it can also undercut his authority and consistency.

On balance, the book’s fine-combed detail will delight those readers interested in exploring the possibilities of their bodies. An Erotic Phenotype is a potentially life-changing book for men and women, both in the bedroom and outside it, which makes for essential reading.