An Erotic Phenotype

Literary Titan Book Review

Have you ever wondered about the uses and complexities of the female orgasm? What about human anatomy and its functions regarding sex and reproduction? Is sexual pleasure nature’s trick to get us to continue the species? In An Erotic Phenotype, by Sherman P. Bastarache, these are a few generally unspoken facts about sex.

The author quickly introduces the scientific discourse about the differences between men and women regarding the sexual functions of each. But before we are plunged into the amazingly intricate details of male and female sexual roles, the author examines the function of sex within nature. First, it is explained that sex and all its variants have been designed by nature to keep the species reproducing.

Once clarified on the purpose and reasoning behind sex, the text focuses specifically on the female side of the matter. The purpose of the female orgasm is questioned and examined on its efficiency in getting the person pregnant or whether it’s just a ploy to get females to crave and actively search for sexual pleasure. While exploring the female orgasm, other topics are broached, such as the feelings and emotions behind romantic attraction. In part, we delve into different yet-not-unnatural sexual and/or romantic attraction types, such as homosexuality, pansexuality, and other sides of the LGBTQ spectrum.

The reading within itself is fascinating; the author’s explanations focus on a scientific perspective and are all backed by quotes and citations that prove the text’s veracity. Some of the sources used that make for a more enrichening take are the sexologists referenced that emphasize the importance of both male and female ejaculation for the species’ reproductive success.

Bastarache also argues on the mind-body connection that leads to attraction and arousal. An Erotic Phenotype provides highly insightful information on sex, the necessity of orgasm, both male and female, different types of sexual attractions, and other sex-related occurrences. It is delightful because although it is very scientific information, it is written in a simple way to understand and follow.

This mind-blowing book can serve as a manual for anyone looking to deepen their sexual knowledge and other relevant matters. I would consider this a must-read for everyone reaching adulthood, as not only does it contain incredibly relevant information but also a hidden message on tolerance and diversity. I highly recommend this book. Erotic Phenotype | LITERARY TITAN